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“Let’s live in the sun”: interviewing Tommaso Bossetti from Sun’s Good

By Laura Averna • Wed 6, May 2020, 10 am CEST

Take it easy, live a simple life, enjoy the sun: that’s the philosophy behind the Sun’s Good eyewear collection in the words of Tommaso Bossetti, who created and co-launched the project after twenty years of experience in product design, strategy, and management for established fashion brands.

We loved the idea and asked him to tell us more.

Tommaso, where did you get the inspiration for Sun’s Good?

From my passion for sports and the nostalgia for younger years, when free time was spent in nature, at the beach or in the mountains. The design of the frames reflects my personal taste and is also a tribute to days spent lightly, moment after moment.

Why the name Sun’s Good?

Because it evokes the simple pleasures in life. It invites you to take a break from the problems and the daily stress, embracing a relaxed attitude.

What’s the brand’s style? 

Sun’s Good glasses have a classic stamp; they add an out-of-tune element to iconic models, refreshing the original shape with a small twist. They are reassuring because they already have a place in the aesthetic experience of our target customers, but they’re never boring nor ordinary. They catch the eye with their unique details; they’re definitely unmistakable.

A closer look to the collection

Every Sun’s Good frame features original side shades, which stand out as the brand’s distinctive trait and are much appreciated by outdoor activities lovers for their technical function. They make the sunglasses more enveloping and protect the eyes from UV rays and wind.

The progenitor of the collection is The Guardian, with its bold lines and smooth edges.

The Oyster sunglasses are the first folding model to have integrated side shades. The frame front is round like The Guardian’s; the folding temples and bridge make it pocket-sized and even handier.

The Peak pays homage to the highest mountains: it revisits the classic aviator shape adding high-tech fabric side shades, which can be tone-on-tone or in contrasting colors. It is the ideal companion for high-altitude sports and excursions.

All three models are available in a wide range of colors, also with polarized lenses.

100% outdoor-proof

The Guardian and The Peak come with a semi-rigid case that protects them from scratches and impact, a microfibre cloth, and a suede cord.

Sun's Good Sunglasses Packaging

The Oyster has its own pocket-sized waterproof case to protect the sunglasses on the beach or poolside. The included cord is waterproof, too.

Sun's Good Packaging: folding sunglasses with side shades

Approved by our Frame Catchers

We say yes to Sun’s Good, across the board: yes to their fresh colors, to their stylish yet sober details, to their robust structure, and to the polarized lenses, an essential feature for people living on the move.

They speak of summer, wind, and smiles and deserve a place in our curated selection.


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