Occhiali Portrait Eyewear

Introducing Portrait, the art-inspired eyewear

By Laura Averna • Fri 11, Sep 2020, 12 pm CEST

Named Portrait, and aspiring to frame the artist in every one of us, the latest brand from our Frame Catcher selection is born from the passion of siblings Gabriel and Valentina Hernandez for the individual expressions of uniqueness.

It was officially launched in 2015 as an audacious collection of frames inspired by art, music and design icons, made with sophisticated craftsmanship. Gabriel is the designer, Valentina manages all marketing and communication activities, spreading the brand’s concept and stories all over the world; their project strongly resembles a declaration of independence of overly rigid constraints.

Portrait plays with geometry introducing original silhouettes. It experiments with color by pairing vibrant hues, fading them into unusual gradients, or using them on textural patterns. The brand’s style is minimal, yet nonconformist and brave from design to production choices: despite being half-Venezuelan/Spanish, Valentina and Gabriel chose to rely on expert Italian artisans for folding, glueing, assembling, and finishing their collections. All sunglasses and eyeglasses are handmade, but designed with technology in mind.

A closer look at Portrait Eyewear’s production process

“There are many independent frames on the market, but lines and design keep repeating. We wanted to make something different, with a temper, capable to put the people’s individuality into light” states Gabriel Hernandez. “That’s why we chose emerging artists as our testimonials.” These artists are featured in a dedicated space of cooperation and sharing on Portrait Eyewear’s website.

Our Frame Catcher’s favorites

Das Model 

Portrait Eyewear Sunglasses: Das Model
Portrait Eyewear | Das Model

A tribute to Kraftwerk, pioneers of electronic music. Perfectly balancing curves and edges, it conveys the idea of an authentic woman, who doesn’t need to hide behind a mask and is both sweet and brave, charismatic and romantic.


Portrait Eyewear Eyeglasses: Robert
Portrait Eyewear |Robert

Part of the Neon series, born at the intersection of the classic mask and aviator shapes and inspired by the translucent art of Robert Montgomery. The acetate surface mixes sanded and transparent finishes, creating an interesting holographic effect.


Portrait Eyewear Sunglasses: Charlotte
Portrait Eyewear | Charlotte

An homage to Pipilotti Rist, this limited edition speaks of courage, experimentation, and break of conventional barriers. Made with 2D stainless steel with galvanized finishes and acetate details.


Portrait Eyewear Eyeglasses: Jarvis
Portrait Eyewear | Jarvis

Dedicated to the frontman of Pulp, this frame will appeal to all instinctive and self-conscious souls. It catches the eye with its brit-pop attitude.


Portrait Eyewear Sunglasses: Lori
Portrait Eyewear | Lori

Lori Herbersger’s neon art considers the reflections and interaction with the objects around her works; similarly, this frame remarks the beholder’s uniqueness by revealing the skin’s tones through bold gradients.


Portrait Eyewear Eyeglasses: Lye
Portrait Eyewear | Lye

An oval-tiny frame with a fragmented geometric composition reminding of Leonard Charles Huia Lye, the New Zealand’s artist known for his extraordinary experimental films and kinetic sculptures. For the nostalgic of the nineties.


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