Scegliere gli occhiali in base alla forma del viso

How to choose the Best Frame for your Face Shape

By Laura Averna • Mon 20, Apr 2020, 03 pm CEST

Fashion eyewear is more than just a cool accessory. With the right frame, you can express your personality and visually balance the proportions of your face, making it look more harmonious.

To choose the perfect one, start from a mirror: what’s your face shape? 

Best frames for an Oval Face

With their delicate contours and symmetry, oval faces match the archetype of classical beauty. If you have one, lucky you: the majority of shapes and sizes should look great on you. Dare with a statement frame, or try out a minimalist design: feel free to experiment until you find “the one”.

Best frames for a Round Face

If you have soft features and your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are approximately of the same width, you have a round face. To style it, pick a frame that adds length to your outline: choose square or rectangular shapes with small to medium lenses, as larger ones might emphasize the roundness.

Best frames for a Square Face

Square faces have strong contours, like a dominant chin or jawline. Create some contrast with a simple shape that softens your features and gives a sense of lightness. Try a thinround frame with small lenses.

Best eyewear frame shapes for a square face
Moscot ® ZEV-TT SE – Gold

Best frames for a Long Face

If your face is longer than it is wide, with a slim chin and jawline and a tall  forehead, create the illusion of width with a classic, large teardrop shape with smooth rounded corners. Have you ever worn aviator-style frames?

Best frames for a V-Shaped Face

Differently from the oval face, the V-shaped face narrows down to a sharp chin with a delicate jawline. Oversized and butterfly frames are its allies.

Best frames for a Diamond Face

Characterized by long and aristocratic contours with pronounced cheekbones and a wide forehead, the diamond face is elegant and feminine. Exalt it with a cat-eye frame, playing with patterns and colors.

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