OtticaLipariCare: Garanzia di 2 anni sulle lenti degli occhiali da vista

Protect your lenses with the OtticaLipariCare warranty extension

By Laura Averna • Thu 7, May 2020, 06 pm CEST

Even little accidents like the fall of your eyeglasses, an unexpected impact, or even contact with aggressive liquids might cause big damage to your lenses

Protect them with the OtticaLipariCare warranty extension, now included free of charge in all online orders of eyeglasses frames with optical lenses.

Here’s how to request it online.

How to buy eyeglass warranty extension OtticaLipariCare

  1. Choose your eyeglasses on

  2. Go to the product page, then click on ADD A PAIR OF LENSES

  3. Select the type of lens and quality and add protective filtering (antireflective or anti-blue light). The OtticaLipariCare warranty extension is now pre-selected and will be included in your order at no additional cost.

How the warranty extension works

If a lens under the OtticaLipariCare warranty breaks, cracks, or damages so that the vision is impaired, you can send a request for assistance and obtain up to two repair or replacement interventions without any additional fees within two years from the purchase.

Taking advantage of the warranty extension is easy.

1. Contact our customer service

Contact customer service to send a request of assistance for eyeglass warranty.

If your lens gets damaged, contact us promptly to send a request for assistance. Make sure to keep handy the receipt of the order that includes OtticaLipariCare. We will ask you for some details about the warranty extension, the lenses, and the damage; then we’ll schedule the collection of your package.

2. Pack up the glasses

Pack up the glasses with scratched lenses or cracked lenses covered by warranty.

Make sure to follow the instructions from our customer care when packing the damaged lenses. Also, don’t forget to include the frame: we will need it to proceed with any repairs or replacements.

The lens must be returned in its entirety. If it’s broken in pieces, please take care to pack all of them.

3. Give the package to our courier

Courier pick-up of damaged glasses covered by warranty.

At the scheduled date, the DHL courier will come and pick up your package at the specified address. The cost of the collection is included in the warranty.

4. Have your glasses delivered

Repaired eyeglasses delivery

After having repaired or replaced the lenses, we will send the glasses under the warranty extension back to you. We will schedule the shipment on your behalf, and no extra fees will be charged.

Shall you need assistance at any step of the process, our customer service will be happy to support you via phone, WhatsApp, chat, or email.

What is included in the warranty extension

Warranty extension covers accidental damage to eyeglass lenses

OtticaLipariCare covers accidental damage to lenses.

This means that the damage:

  • must be unpredictable and unintentional (eg. accidental impact or fall of the glasses, extreme weather conditions)
  • must impair the vision through the lens (eg. severe breaks, cracks, or abrasions).

You can send up to two assistance requests within two years from the warranty purchase. The cost of the round shipment of your glasses is included in the price.

One assistance request covers one single lens: if both lenses require a repair or replacement, your request will be counted as double.

What is excluded from the warranty extension

What is exluded from the eyeglass warranty extension

OtticaLipariCare doesn’t cover:

  • damage to the frame (and/or to other  eyeglasses parts or accessories)
  • damage caused by intention, abuse, misuse, modification or alteration of the glasses or the lenses
  • aesthetic damage that does not compromise the functionality of the lenses, such as fine cracks, scratches or small abrasions
  • assistance, repairs or replacements not made by Ottica Lipari
  • loss or theft of the lenses
  • damage due to design defects or related to materials (which is already covered by the standard consumer warranty law).

Read the full terms and conditions >

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